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Journal Papers

  • Mohaghegh M.R., Rahimi A. B., Modeling of Nucleate Boiling Heat Transfer of a stagnation-point flow Impinging on a Hot Surface, Thermal Sciences, 2018 (DOI).
  • Mohaghegh M.R., Nanofluids Applications in Solar Energy Systems: A Review, Journal of Solar Energy Research, Vol 3 (1), 2018 (DOI).

  • Mohaghegh M.R., Rahimi A. B., Three-Dimensional Stagnation-point Flow and Heat Transfer of a Dusty Fluid towards a Stretching Sheet, Journal of Heat Transfer, 138(11), 2016 (DOI).

  • Mohaghegh M.R., Malek-Jafarian M., Comparative Analysis of Computational Methods for Periodic Transonic Flows at Low and High Frequencies, Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Physics, Vol. 55, (12), 2015 (DOI).

  • Mohaghegh M.R., Simulation of Compressible Boundary Layer Flow with Heat Transfer and Pressure Gradient, Computational Thermal Sciences:An International Journal,7(4),2015 (DOI).

  • Mohaghegh M.R., Malek-Jafarian M., Periodic Transonic Flow Simulation using Fourier-Based Algorithm, Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, 28 (10), 2014 (DOI).

  • Mohaghegh M.R., Esfahani A.J., Entropy Generation Analysis of Free Convection from a Constant Temperature Vertical Plate Using Similarity Solution, Thermal Science Journal, Vol. 20, (6), 2016 (DOI).

  • Mohaghegh M.R., Fast and Efficient Solution of Periodic Physical Problems Using Time Spectral Method, Caspian Journal of Applied Sciences Research, 3(10), 2014.

  • Mohaghegh M.R., Numerical Solution of linear and nonlinear Periodic Physical Problems using Fourier spectral method, Journal of Computer Science & Computational Mathematics, 3(3), 2013 |(DOI).

  • Mohaghegh M.R., Numerical Analysis of Laminar Boundary Layer Equations in Free Convection over a vertical flat plate and Forced Convection over a Wedge, International Review of Mechanical Engineering, vol. 5 (4), 2011 (DOI).

  • Mohaghegh M.R., Malek-Jafarian M., Unsteady Transonic Compressible Flow Simulation, Journal of applicable and computational sciences in mechanics, 25 (2), 2014 (In Persian) (DOI).

  • Mohaghegh M.R., Rahimi A. B., Non-Axisymmetric Three-Dimensional Stagnation-point Flow and Heat Transfer under a Jet Impingement Boiling, Journal of Heat Transfer, submitted.

  • Moodi M., Mohaghegh M.R., Numerical and Experimental simulation of flow and heat transfer in shell-and-tube heat exchanger in THTL test loop, Journal of Heat Transfer Enhansed, submitted.

  • Mohaghegh M.R., Hagmeijer R., Kalikmanov V.I., Becker-Doring model for Argon nucleation with Tolman correction of surface tension, Journal of Applied Physics, under submission.

  • Mohaghegh M.R., Rahimi A. B., Single and two-phase Water Jet Impingement Heat Transfer on a Hot Moving Surface, under submission, 2018.

Conference Papers

  • Mohaghegh M.R., Khazaei H., Introducing and investigation of effective parameters in the aerodynamic and design of vertical axis wind turbine airfoils, 2nd Annual Clean Energy Conference (ACEC), International Center for Scienc,Kerman, Iran, 2012 (In Persian).

  • Mohaghegh M.R., Numerical solution of the Burgers' equation using Fourier spectral method and comparison with finite difference method, 7th International Conference on Computational Heat and Mass Transfer, Istanbul, Turkey           July 18-22, 2011.  

  • Mohaghegh M.R., Malek-Jafarian M., M.H. Javareshkian, Efficient Time Spectral Algorithm for Time-Periodic Unsteady Problems, 19th Annual (International) Conference on Mechanical Engineering-ISME2011, University of Birjand, Birjand, Iran , 10-12 May, 2011.

  • Mohaghegh M.R., Malek-Jafarian M., Numerical Simulation of Viscid and Inviscid Flow Using Time Spectral Algorithm, The 10th   Conference of Iranian Aerospace Society (AERO2011), Tarbiat Modares University,Tehran, Iran, 1-3 March, 2011 (In Persian).


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